Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Appreciate The Little Things

                In today's fast paced society we sometimes forget to slow down and appreciate things happening around us. Regardless of whether we are looking at a computer screen or a cell phone, so many of us today spend the majority of the day connected to the web. I often find myself bored or even lost without a connection to the internet. Not to degrade this amazing tool of instant access to information. The internet is only limited by our own ambition. Yet at the same time, our use of the internet as a whole has degraded our own ambitions. My point is that the majority of the time we aren't using the internet to its full potential. Rather than using it as an amazing tool for learning we are consumed by social networks and video games. Though social networking is undeniably one of the most powerful tools we have today. We even abuse the true purpose of these websites. The problem is PROCRASTINATION, for especially my generation and those younger than me. 

               Growing up I always loved listening to stories from older relatives. Ranging from how they would hangout and play as children to even how they would go out and party as young adults. Now that I am in my twenties, I have a few tales to tell as well. But none of them seem quite to be like those of older generations. And I find that to be a similar recurrence with most of my generation. I fear that it is because of our use of technology. We don't know how to have proper relationships, being with friends or significant others. We have been built upon a foundation of showing our best online so that everyone will like our pictures and videos and status updates. But we forgot the most important part in a relationship. That in fact is that we are caring to the other, and putting them first. We are desensitized to those around us. And at the same time, to that which is going on around us.

              So all that I ask is that we take some time, not only to be aware of others and that which happens around us, but for us to be self aware. If we keep ourselves in check from time to time then we would have nothing to worry about. It keeps us realistic and sane. It allows us to appreciate where we are. It lets you say, today I am alive, therefore today is a good day. There is so much to do and see and experience in this world. It is a shame for any one of us to be bored. So open your eyes! No, our eyes are already open.. Let's rephrase that! Lift your gaze from the screens you stare at daily and appreciate that you are alive.

Thank you

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everything I Know Originated From Someone or Something Else

Hey everyone, friends and enemies, Internet goers and browsers, googlers and yahoosers, children, adults, the ladies and the gents, and anyone else who wants to be included!  That is anyone who could possibly have any reason for reading my first post on my new blog.  However, before I get into my first post and topic, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about myself.  I actually began blogging about a year or two ago, and regretfully I stopped writing and posting shortly after.  I guess something just turned me away from it... Whether it was procrastination or an over-thought assumption that my words might somehow affect someone somewhere, thus destroying their lives by taking my words the wrong way all because I had to make a certain point, I just all together stopped from all the pressure.
It was the procrastination... 

Today I am back again with a new drive and desire for writing!  Why because I may actually be able to make that difference in the world.  Not the psychotic change I was afraid of causing when I first started.  A good change.  It may be just one simple word that can help someone.  I realized I couldn't go through life thinking that something bad could happen while I was expressing myself!   I realized instead I must think something good will happen.  Maybe I will inspire someone, maybe I will get someone to laugh, but the main thing is that I can write because I enjoy it.

Anyways I'm a 19 (going on 20) year old male college student. I am currently studying theology at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.  As I said above I love writing.  I enjoy playing soccer, and I learned how to play several musical instruments.  Truthfully I can only say I currently play two of them well, but that can be attributed to a lack of practice in others.  I think laughing is an important part of every one's day and without it you can't get through life.  I am an Orthodox Christian, which really is the most defining aspect of my life.  I will most likely into things about my religion here and there as time goes by, if anyone ever has a question about it or maybe something I mention pertaining to my religion please ask away and I will do my best to get back to you!  I enjoy occasionally playing video games, hanging out, going out, you guys know, the general having a good time.

Even though to many older adults I am a kid, there is so much I am taking in at once and I am learning and growing and maturing.  Essentially it can be incredibly scary, yet thrilling and inviting.  This "stuff" that I am generally filling my head with is getting all mixed up and I'm trying to connect it left and right to this and that and I'm figuring out how the actual world works and sometimes I just forget to take a breath with it all because it is coming so fast you know life is hitting me in the face and sometimes when you finally make a connection you just need to pause it all, just like this run on... and think about it.

So that's me the 21st century hamlet type analyzing and thinking way too much, as well as speaking too much.  Yet although I understand this about myself I can't tell you why I may over-think things, but I can't let anyone else tell me either.  You see, you can let someone hand you an idea and it will stay in your head.  But you won't understand that idea, it will be a squiggly line.  What you want up there are straight lines, lines you can follow, things you can understand, but only you can organize them, and it takes time as well.  So what I'm saying is my Hamlet phase is passing over, and I don't think I have to worry about the full tragic ending where everyone dies and someone takes my place, I'm figuring stuff out!

The title of my post kind of goes along with the idea I have already mentioned which is taking ideas from other people.  This gift we have called learning is so incredible and powerful that one of every one's goals in life should be to learn as much as they can!  Yet, issue is credit.  Especially since most of the things stuffed up there in our heads we don't know where we learned those from anymore we just know certain things.  Yet that doesn't mean it is yours.  That is why I say everything I know came from someone else.


The very phrase everything I know came from someone else, came from a professor of mine.  So give credit where credit is due and who knows you might gain some respect from people time to time.

Thank you for reading,